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Awasu Personal Edition 3.0

It is a feed reader that lets you intelligently manage the information flow
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Awasu Personal Edition is a program that downloads latest entries from RSS and Atom feeds. The program allows you to create your own channels and add unlimited number of feeds to them. The program can be configured to update each feed according to predefined intervals or you can manually update all channels at once with a single mouse click.

The personal edition of this program doesn't allow you to add RSS feeds that require authentication and those behind secure connections. The program comes with dozens of famous preset RSS feeds such as YouTube, Google news, Twitter and more. These RSS feeds can be customized according to your search criteria from within the program.

The program provides a customizable style and template for your RSS feeds and you can assign your own favorite template to any chosen feeds. When your feeds are updated, you will be notified by a cute balloon notification tip plus a sound alarm of your choice. The program has the ability to keep your downloaded feeds' contents for a certain duration so you can browse them while being offline. Searching your current and archived news is very easy using the search toolbar. The program has a modern design that supports tabbed browsing which makes reading your feeds very enjoyable.

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